Oil and Gas sector

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Support the industry with the latest advanced equipments and tools for offshore and onshore serves. Branded and top quality supplied by our network Manufacturers from Norway and Europe.

Oil and Gas pipelines  cleaning  service.

Specialised in certified High Pressure Pig Launcher & Receiver. All types of pipe cleaning equipments and services tailored to custom requirements of the client.

Certifications to international standards and requirements ASME US, NBR,  ISO 3834, EN 1090-1, EN ISO 3834-2, & DNV GL + ABS Marine Welding Class. As well as as per end user requirements

Oil Tanks cleaning service.

Manual and fully automatic tank cleaning system, specifically designed for storage tanks of refined hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, kerosene, bunker fuel and others. Complete with nitrogen generation module, washing module, and separation module. Professional team with advanced tools and equipments in the filed delivering projects with experience from the North sea of Norway and in Europe.